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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.                                         ~ Margaret Mead   

Leadership & Youth Development

CCP’s leadership development programs offer community members, including youth, a powerful way to learn new knowledge and skills, build relationships and confidence, and ultimately, make a greater impact on community health and well-being. We design activities that connect emerging leaders to their own power and purpose through experiential learning and conversations based on their lived experience.

A strong reflective component moves people to honestly assess their strengths and challenges and deeply consider their values and beliefs. We employ an array of tools and methods to support individual and collective growth and professional development including self-assessments, leadership development plans, in person and virtual convenings, retreats, coaching and mentoring.


Our youth leadership programs center on creating safe spaces for young people to explore their own questions, solutions, and opportunities to make healthy decisions. We focus on building knowledge and self-agency among youth of color and increasing the protective factors that contribute to young people’s ability to thrive. Intergenerational approaches encourage adult allies to support youth-led projects.

Be Bothered

The Be Bothered Movement was created by youth and caring adults working to prevent underage drinking and marijuana use in Sacramento County. Together we are reshaping how our community views underage drinking and marijuana use.  The movement is connected to a number of other efforts.  More ...



My Future Initiative (MyFI) was a Sacramento County-based coalition of girls ages 12-17 and adult allies whose vision was to prevent alcohol use among teenage girls through partnership with local organizations, outreach, education, advocacy, and the provision of safe and positive environments. More...


Women's Health Leadership 


Since its inception in 1995, CCP’s Women’s Health Leadership (WHL) program has helped build leadership capacity of over 450 women leaders representing 22 ethnic/cultural groups across 50 of California’s 58 counties. WHL’s impact is both transformative and enduring: the program was replicated in Spanish and adapted to Latina culture by The Latina Center, offered regionally in the San Joaquin Valley, and customized for the California Department of Public Health’s Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention branch. The work of WHL has inspired the launch of women of color led organizations, positioned women of color to serve in elected office, promoted gender and culturally responsive policies and practices, and generated more resources to address health disparities. Mutually beneficial collaborative relationships are another lasting outcome. The WHL Alumni community has continued to work together on a variety of issues such as health care quality, nonprofit leadership development, and See Her Bloom.

Community Leadership Project

We adapted our Women’s Health Leadership program to provide leadership training and mentoring to 50 women leaders of color working in a four-county area of the San Joaquin Valley.  More ...



We adapted our Women’s Health Leadership program to provide leadership training and group and individual coaching to 45 county public health staff and community leaders working together to increase access to healthy foods in 16 counties throughout California.  More ...

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