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See Her Bloom

CCP designed and launched the statewide See Her Bloom social media campaign, funded by the California Department of Health Services’ Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Expansion Project. To address the disproportionate impact of the opioid crisis, the campaign works to ensure that Black women are a part of the treatment conversation and can obtain gender-specific, culturally relevant care. Our goal is meaningful involvement that centers the experience and perspective of Black women with lived experience with opioid or other drug use through digital storytelling and education about treatment and recovery options.


CCP organized the 18-member (and growing) coalition of organizational partners to develop innovative methods for reaching marginalized groups and applying social media and communications to prevent stigma around opioid use/MAT.


CCP mobilized long-standing relationships within its network of grassroots organizations and community members to serve as ambassadors and campaign spokespeople. See her Bloom offered an important space for Black women’s voices to inspire healing and recovery from opioid addiction through the power of personal stories. CCP also incorporated a mini-grant process to support coalition partners’ work to develop and disseminate campaign resources. Currently, the coalition is seeking new partners and funding to expand the work and reach new populations such as Native Americans and indigenous women.

In 2022, CCP commissioned the National Black Women's Justice Institute to host conversations with Black girls to understand their experiences with drugs.  The resulting report offers strategies to overcome barriers to help and support for Black girls struggling with substance misuse.

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