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Many hands make light work

We Help People Learn New Skills

Our diverse portfolio features a wide range of local, regional and statewide community health improvement projects and leadership development programs implemented over 25 years. Using participatory, asset-based and culturally responsive methods, we help collaborative groups, organizational leaders and community members identify emerging issues, bring together relevant resources, and engage in active problem-solving to build power for health equity and social change.


We work across a broad range of issue areas and offer subject matter expertise in community engagement, organizational development, leadership, stigma reduction, substance abuse prevention, youth development, and women’s health. From facilitating learning communities, town hall meetings, and focus groups to designing social media campaigns, creating sustainability plans, or coordinating mini-grant distribution, CCP goes the extra mile to ensure success. We help people learn skills to accomplish social change through relationship building, collaboration, and leadership development.


Learn More About Our Work and Services

We’re known for creating inclusive spaces that enable groups to work productively together. 

Our work is rooted in Asset Based Community Development, an approach that emphasizes building caring relationships and mobilizing existing and newly acquired resources to solve tough issues and create resilient communities. We rely on the Technology of Participation facilitation practices developed by the Institute for Cultural Affairs to enhance collaboration. Public health principles and practice are applied across our programs, emphasizing community empowerment, prevention, and environmental, systems and policy change.

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