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We create a safe and welcoming space

for collaborative work

We Provide In-Person and Virtual Conference Planning and Management

Bringing people together to work collaboratively is the heart of what we do. We offer full-service conference/meeting planning and management, from agenda development to logistics, including registration, travel reimbursements and speaker fees. CCP staff also are available to present content, facilitate, MC or provide keynotes.


Whatever the size, CCP will help you produce a memorable and impactful event. Our convenings are designed to maximize group success and support participants in thinking and learning together. We consider all the ways to make people feel comfortable – from locally sourced, nutritious food to easy access to restrooms and “fidget” toys available for kinesthetic learners – no detail is too small.


Recognizing that health advocates and providers often suffer from overwork and trauma-induced stress, we also make space for self-care at our convenings. And when things don’t go as planned, we’re able to make adjustments on the fly to be responsive to whatever is happening in the room. Event evaluation is part of our standard practice; post-event summaries and communication also can be accommodated.

CCP brings the same care and expert design to the online environment to create a welcoming space that leads to camaraderie, meaningful connection, and innovation. We can assist with planning, facilitating, and hosting online convenings, typically using the Zoom or Webex platform.  Below are examples of our work in the area.


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