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We create a safe and welcoming space

for collaborative work

We Provide In-Person and Virtual Conference Planning and Management

Bringing people together to work collaboratively is the heart of what we do. We offer full-service conference/meeting planning and management, from agenda development to logistics, including registration, travel reimbursements and speaker fees. CCP staff also are available to present content, facilitate, MC or provide keynotes.


Whatever the size, CCP will help you produce a memorable and impactful event. Our convenings are designed to maximize group success and support participants in thinking and learning together. We consider all the ways to make people feel comfortable – from locally sourced, nutritious food to easy access to restrooms and “fidget” toys available for kinesthetic learners – no detail is too small.


Recognizing that health advocates and providers often suffer from overwork and trauma-induced stress, we also make space for self-care at our convenings. And when things don’t go as planned, we’re able to make adjustments on the fly to be responsive to whatever is happening in the room. Event evaluation is part of our standard practice; post-event summaries and communication also can be accommodated.

CCP brings the same care and expert design to the online environment to create a welcoming space that leads to camaraderie, meaningful connection, and innovation. We can assist with planning, facilitating, and hosting online convenings, typically using the Zoom or Webex platform.  Below are examples of our work in the area.


  • Increasing Diversity in the Health Professions
    CCP provided conference and meeting management services to The California Wellness Foundation for 10 years (2003-2013) as they convened grantees in their Increasing Diversity in the Health Professions portfolio. These conferences engaged upwards of 250 participants per year working to address health disparities and promote health equity by increasing the number of underrepresented minorities in health professions. Additionally, each year, three Champions of Health Professions Diversity Awardees were celebrated at a dinner during the conference. These champions are recognized for their efforts to increase California’s diverse health workforce. In 2015, CCP managed and facilitated a retreat for the same audience. This retreat generated new relationships, new learning, and new ideas that, according to attendees, reenergized and reorganized the work moving forward. Conversations also focused on opportunities to scale up strategies that are working well. One participant noted, “This was a revelatory experience in terms of meeting and forming potential partnerships with an amazing collection of colleagues. So many streams of alignment. Loved the intergenerational representation. Rich dialogue of challenging discussions. Has the potential to be transformational for our program.” Convenings bring people and organizations together. The community ultimately benefits from better alignment between the work and the essential conditions to engage and support underrepresented minorities to become health professionals with the ultimate goal of delivering accessible, quality, and culturally competent care for California’s diverse populations. California Health Workforce Commission Webinar Series CCP’s work with Cal Wellness directly contributed to the evolution of the California Future Health Workforce Commission (CFHWC), which was formed to develop and advance workforce priorities for health care delivery to improve health, equity and well-being in all communities in California. In 2020, CCP supported the implementation of a webinar series based on the Commission’s policy recommendations. Recordings of these webinars can be found on the Commission’s website.
  • Value of Prevention
    CCP coordinated logistics for grantee convenings comprised of nine organizational partners examining ways to showcase the value of prevention work, funded by Blue Shield of California Foundation. To create "out of the box" space at a hotel and maximize participant interactions, CCP worked with a human centered design team to create the convening area. Balancing participant needs with funder ideas resulted in a unique physical environment that supported collaborative work.
  • Behavioral Health Workforce Strategic Thinking Retreat
    ​CCP designed and facilitated a two-day retreat for 45 local and state behavioral health directors, program staff and community partner organizations from 8 states to identify the challenges, opportunities and potential actions within and across regions to build the behavioral health workforce of the future. An extensive report outlining workforce issues within the field as well as potential practice and policy changes to effect local and system-wide changes resulted from this effort. This work was accomplished in partnership with Blue of Shield of California Foundation and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration for Region IX and Region X.
  • California Home Visiting Program Summit
    Working in conjunction with the California Department of Public Health, Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health Division, CCP facilitated the planning, design, and implementation of the California Home Visiting Program summit bringing together over 600 advocates, practitioners, policymakers, researchers, and community-based organizations to network, share ideas, and explore policy and practice issues impacting home visiting efforts throughout the State. In addition to managing programmatic priorities and onsite logistics, CCP supported event sponsorship and fundraising efforts.
  • Immigrant Rights Advocates Retreat
    CCP worked with the California Wellness Foundation staff to plan and implement a three-day retreat for immigrant rights advocates and leaders for renewal, reflection about their work to address immigration issues, and re-commitment to the work moving forward in the face of challenging social and political environments and conditions.
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