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Our training and technical assistance are based on principles and practices of inclusion, applied learning, and quality engagement. Whether we’re together for a 2-hour workshop or a multi-day retreat, we focus on creating a safe, comfortable space that supports active learning, risk-taking, and immediate application. We tailor our foundational curricula to the unique audiences, environments, and desired outcomes of our clients and partners.


We use participatory methods and adult learning principles to draw on the inherent strengths and experiences of the group, which typically range in size from 10 to 100. We also offer train-the-trainer educational programs so that learning can be scaled and expanded beyond the initial group being trained. By adapting our time-tested approaches to video conferencing platforms, CCP helps advance learning in the digital space.

Training & Technical Assistance Services Include:

  • Assessing training and technical assistance needs for grantees, cohorts, participants and staff.

  • Designing and delivering training workshops - in person or distance learning in virtual environments.

  • Developing peer-to-peer support networks and learning communities, including online learning platforms.

  • Managing technical assistance for cohorts of grantees.

Training & TA Services Examples:

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