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My Future Initiative (MyFI)


My Future Initiative (MyFI) was a Sacramento County-based coalition of girls ages 12-17 and adult allies whose vision was to prevent alcohol use among teenage girls through partnership with local organizations, outreach, education, advocacy, and the provision of safe and positive environments.


CCP staffed and supported this coalition, providing training in leadership development, youth development, prevention, and grantmaking. The coalition’s biggest outcome was designing a youth grants program which resulted in re-granting approximately $15,000 to support 14 prevention projects implemented by girls and young women in the Sacramento area. Projects ranged from Mongolian teens educating parents on the impact of youth alcohol use to youth school climate digital storytelling to a knitting group that incorporated sessions on substance use prevention, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. Together, these grants reached at least an additional 1000 youth in Sacramento County.


In addition to supporting girls and young women as they built their leadership skills, MyFI helped establish a cadre of local women mentors with strong youth development principles and practices. These women have continued to volunteer and support our Be Bothered Movement of youth and adult community members working on youth substance use prevention.


MyFI coalition was funded by Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Alcohol and Drug Services.

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