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"If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together."

~ African proverb     

Coalition Building for Equity and Prevention

Coalition building is a key public health improvement strategy that enables diverse community members to work toward common goals, leverage resources, share emerging and best practices and achieve sustainable change. CCP’s 25-year history of building collaborations to address the social determinants of health informs all our work.

We Help Build Advocacy

We help build the capacity of coalition members to lead advocacy and social change efforts with training, leadership development and facilitated processes. We assist collaborative groups in developing a sound infrastructure, governance agreements and action plans to help members work together effectively. Our asset-based approach and commitment to equity ensures that the talents and skills of those most affected by the problems are engaged in developing solutions, especially people of color, youth and low-income communities.


See Her Bloom

To engage Black women in California experiencing opioid use disorder by providing culturally relevant resources about MAT and other treatment options that empower their commitment to healing.


Be Bothered

The Be Bothered Movement was created by youth and caring adults working to prevent underage drinking and marijuana use in Sacramento County. Together we are reshaping how our community views underage drinking and marijuana use.

Public Speaker


CCP coordinates technical assistance (TA) for six collaborative groups throughout California that are experts in domestic violence prevention and new to cross-sector collaboration. This Learning Initiative brings partners together to boost collaboration, increase community engagement with survivors and explore systems change work.

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