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Engaging the capacity of

local communities to act

Center for Collaborative Planning

The Center for Collaborative Planning (CCP) promotes health, equity and social justice by partnering with community-based organizations, government and philanthropic agencies to catalyze change and improve outcomes for vulnerable populations. We create inclusive spaces throughout our collective impact, leadership development and training programs and skillfully facilitate experiences that allow diverse people to work together successfully. Our support is responsive and firmly grounded in deep listening and respect for community wisdom.

Our work leads to new circles of people and ideas – relationships that are sustained over time and continually expand to include more voices. Throughout our history, we have engaged diverse communities – especially those who often are left out of decision-making – to build coalitions, develop innovative health improvement programs, and advance culturally-relevant policies. Our collaborative processes allow people to discuss complex issues, identify and build on strengths, and critically examine systems that disproportionately impact the health and well-being of people of color, youth, and underserved communities.


CCP is a program of the Public Health Institute, a global non-profit leader in public health research, policy, and practice for over 55 years with a vision to improving the health, well-being, and quality of life for people around the world.

Our Vision

is for all people to live in connected, equitable and inclusive communities.

Our Mission

is to grow the capacity of communities to shape, influence and lead social change.

Our Belief

is that communities hold the answers to their unique challenges and can work together to achieve common goals.

Our Role

is to facilitate leadership development and collective action to achieve positive social change.

Our Approach

is to create supportive, nurturing, and diverse learning and working environments that promote inclusivity and full community participation.

Our Commitment

is to build long-lasting relationships that foster collaboration and, ultimately, self-determination.

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