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Leveraging Collaboration to End Domestic Violence

CCP coordinates technical assistance (TA) for six collaborative groups throughout California that are experts in domestic violence prevention and new to cross-sector collaboration. This Learning Initiative brings partners together to boost collaboration, increase community engagement with survivors and explore systems change work. CCP assesses TA needs built around the question, “What do you want to learn?” and develops an annual TA plan that relies on several partners including the Prevention Institute, Population Health Innovation Lab, JSI and the Center for Story-Based Strategies. CCP plans and manages logistics for convenings and webinars and developed a peer learning platform with a focus on distilling emerging/promising practices. Facilitated discussions encourage partners to share their experiences and stories from the field to enhance learning across the cohort. Learning Hubs and/or cross-collaborative leadership circles provide a forum for those with specific common interests to think and learn together. Participants explore what’s working – or not – to prevent domestic violence and why.

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