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CCP’s Executive Director Connie Chan Robinson facilitated the development and launch of both Upspoken and RoyalTea as project manager for the TCWF Women of Color HIV, AIDS and STI Prevention initiative. Because women's sexual health and issues of stigma and trauma are exactly the issues no one wants to talk about, “We knew this needed to be different than a traditional public health campaign,” Robison explained. To embed diversity, equity and inclusion into each component, we asked, “What would it look like to put women of color first?” For answers, CCP turned to the lived experience of Black women and social media to create a campaign centered on empowerment and positive sexual self-care.


In coordination and partnership with Cal Wellness staff and RALLY Communications, CCP supported the development of the messaging, branding, theme, and imagery showcased in Upspoken and in RoyalTea with obvious connections to Black women. At each stage, we asked, “How are we supporting Black women's livelihood?” Black women led the creative team and served as writers for the website, newsletters, and other campaign collateral. The campaign held two live events in Los Angeles and Oakland produced by Black women talent and hosted and catered by Black owned businesses.


By applying diversity, equity, and inclusionary principles and practices, CCP not only created ownership by the target audience but supported the foundation to practice trust-based philanthropy and grantmaking Operating as a learner and as an investor, the foundation reframed their thinking about success, impact, and how to best support Black women’s sexual health. As of Summer 2020, more than 90,000 Black women have engaged with Upspoken and RoyalTea.


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