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Our Library

We have curated an extensive library of resources and tools comprised of materials developed by us and those generated by others to support our diverse body of work. A sampling of these materials are offered below. Contact us to find out how these tools can help your efforts!

Coalition Building

Tools to develop coalitions and collaboratives, assess coalition effectiveness and functioning, map assets. Example: Collaborative Self-Assessment

  • Association Mapping exercise?
  • Collaborative Self-Assessment
  • Principles of Working Collaboratively
  • We Did it Ourselves

Convenings & Facilitation

Tools to design and implement impactful meetings and conferences, facilitate meaningful group interactions and discussions, plan strategically. Example: Cardstorming

  • Planning a Convening Checklist
  • Online Facilitation
  • Cardstorming
  • The Gifted Facilitator?

Leadership & Youth Development

Best practices to build community and youth leadership and action, nurture collective impact. Example: Hart’s Ladder of Youth Engagement

  • STORI circle?
  • Self-Assessment of Leadership Values, Beliefs, Knowledge and Skills
  • Hart’s Ladder of Participation

Organizational & Program Sustainability

Tools and Literature to build and sustain programs and organizations, map and mobilize assets and strengths, track and evaluate program and organizational impact and outcomes. Example: 10 Steps to Sustainability

  • 10 Steps to Sustainability
  • We Did it Ourselves Evaluation Workbook
  • Connections Map?

Substance Use/Misuse Prevention

Curriculum and tools to prevent youth substance use and misuse, reduce stigma for populations harmed by the war on drugs, and promote resilience and healing. Example: #SeeHerBloom social media campaign to prevent stigma among Black women affected by opioids and other drugs

  • Future Forward, Sacramento’s youth marijuana prevention campaign
  • (link above is broken)
  • Talk They Hear You
  • (link above is broken)

Woman's Health

Content expertise and curriculum to build women’s leadership on issues impacting their health and well-being, Example: Mobilizing Women for Minority Health and Social Justice in California