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Developing a Culturally-Responsive Social Media Campaign

  • Partner with competent and creative experts in media and communications.


  • Embed diversity, inclusion and equity values into every component, from the beginning.


  • Use a “strategic framework,” which is similar to a theory of change, to explore what you want to achieve.


  • Conduct research including focus groups to help clarify your target audience and understand the landscape and development leading to branding.


  • Develop a provocative statement. This is an internal facing statement, somewhat of a theme, that is not shared publicly but helps drive the intent and ultimately, the public facing message.


  • Learn about media tactics and strategies used to develop messages.


  • Plan live events more effectively with a mood board to help define the experience we want to create and visualize the nature of the engagement with the audience, the look and feel, and overall atmosphere of the event.


  • The more you focus, the more impact you'll have. If it's too broad, then it is much more diluted. If it's done right, if we actually sway public opinion and behaviors, then the materials can be adapted and applied to other communities.

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