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Community Research and Focus Group Facilitation

Community change initiatives and the development of health improvement plans are most effective when informed by both quantitative and qualitative data. CCP excels at finding and uplifting community voices that often are left out of these processes. Our community-based research provides useful and unique information needed for program development, assessment of training and capacity building needs, and testing of strategies and messages.  We tap community based participatory research (CBPR) and community engagement best practices to ensure inclusion of diverse voices and perspectives and develop tools that honor cultural differences.

We work in partnership with clients and stakeholders to confirm outcomes and audiences, design protocols and tools including surveys, key person interviews, focus groups, and town halls, facilitate and document group discussion; and analyze and summarize key findings and recommendations that emerge from data collection.  We support our clients in sense-making to develop actions.  Additionally, we also train community members, including parents and youth, to conduct research.

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