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Growing the capacity of communities to

shape, influence, and lead social change

since 1994

Welcome to Our Circle

CCP creates a welcoming, safe space for community members and organizational leaders to hold meaningful conversations, learn together, and take collective action to improve health and equity in California and beyond. We facilitate community change through convening, coalition building, training, and leadership development. By engaging people and communities who often are left out of decision-making, we catalyze innovative solutions and elevate what works.

We value the health and safety of our community, partners and staff. In response to COVID-19, our facilitation and education programs are currently being held online.  Learn More

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Engaging the capacity of local communities to act based on their own solutions. More ...

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Many hands make light work.  We help collaborative groups, organizational leaders and community members identify emerging issues, bring together relevant resources, and engage in active problem-solving to build power for health equity and social justice.  More ...


Our diverse portfolio features a wide range of  projects and leadership development implemented over

25 years.  More ...


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