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Center for Collaborative Planning

Engaging communities for action since 1994



What We Offer

Our strength lies in our ability to work with leaders from diverse communities. We design tailored approaches that engage people in active problem solving to address community health issues.

Our approach:

  • Facilitates group problem solving, action planning and social change

  • Employs asset-based community development, participatory planning and research, and popular education principles and practices

  • Honors and builds upon the diverse experience, talents and wisdom of people

  • Weaves cultural and artistic expression, spirituality and story-telling into our work

  • Supports community driven efforts

  • Assists institutions seeking to be resources to communities

How We Build Community Capacity

We work with individuals, associations and institutions as a catalyst to:

  • Develop relationships

  • Foster leadership

  • Mobilize local resources

  • Create a shared plan for action

  • Implement strategies to impact policy

  • Evaluate successes and lessons learned